How to Properly Select Clothing Sizes for Your Toddler

How to Properly Select Clothing Sizes for Your Toddler - Posh Kiddos

he first non-essential element our Posh Kiddo parents consider is how to dress their babies and toddlers. Nobody can afford to have a bland dresser cramping their inherently covetable street style, right?

At Posh Kiddos, we make it easy to find the perfect outfits for every occasion and at every stage of toddlerhood.

Zipper Joggers for Toddlers
Purchasing clothes for toddlers can especially difficult with kids growing at different rates and often unpredictably. Normal birth weight varies dramatically amongst babies and pre-purchasing newborn and toddler clothes can be a serious too up.


When it comes to newborn clothing, it’s best to purchase garments in a range of sizes, so your little one is equipped and comfortable no matter how they make their entry and growth in their first months.



Buying for toddlers can get even more complicated; follow the tips below to make the best purchase decisions.


How to properly determine toddler clothes size:

  • Refer to a size guide. Not every toddler size guide is the same, but they can still offer valuable insight into what size clothes to purchase taking into consideration material, outfit style and level of necessary comfort depending on the child’s age.
  • Clothing Styles. Styles take two factors into consideration: practicality and appearance. Both are important, but the first obviously precedes the second. A child is hard-pressed to be setting trends if he or she is throwing fits of discomfort. Consider the ability and capacity for needs like diaper changes, bathroom emergencies and playdate activity shifts. Style is essential to starting life off right, so it’s best to shop with a brand that prioritizes both aesthetics and comfort. As long as your trendy brand puts clothing comfort and accessibility first, you can shop in peace.
  • Clothing Materials. Sensitivities are many and vast in the earliest years of life. Pay attention to which fabrics irritate your children’s skin and which foster long, smooth naps. Be sure to avoid fabrics that contain toxic chemicals and keep your child lifestyle savvy with materials that promote environmental wellness.

A closer look at size guidelines per stage:

  • Preemie. Preemie clothing very much depends on the size of your child so, silly as it sounds, measure your baby before heading out to purchase clothes. Preemie clothes are measured in inches and should to be worn to match the baby's size or just a bit bigger. Preemie babies can grow swiftly, so it is wise to buy clothes that are elastic or can be grown into.
  • Newborns. The first six weeks of life outside the womb can be unpredictable, and on top of rapidly growing bodies, babies need several outfits a day. Be sure to stock up on the following items: onesies, shirts, pants, sweaters, blankets, booties or socks and hats.
  • Toddler. Shopping for toddler sizes can be a bit trickier, but are measured by inches and pounds, ranging across 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T. Don’t be surprised if these sizes fluctuate between brands; it’s best (if possible) to bring your little ones with to try on for important occasions.

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When you shop with Posh Kiddos, you can trust that our clothes are designed specifically to keep your fashion-forward kiddo comfortable all day and throughout the essential phases of early development and growth. Keep your little ones growing in style and setting trends from their earliest toddler years. Check out our online store for the latest in toddler fashion.


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