5 Toddler Photoshoot Ideas

5 Toddler Photoshoot Ideas - Posh Kiddos

When it comes to capturing your toddler's early years, two elements are essential: moment conception and outfit choice.

Motion and growth are constant and quick in the first few years, so setting aside time to capture some of these moments is something you should prioritize. You’ll treasure these pictures for a long time to come.

As you search for photoshoot theme ideas, consider outfit sets and changes. We’ve all had the experience of looking back on photos and wondering, with a gaping jaw, who on earth dressed us and allowed us to be photographed in those clothes.

Let’s all vow not to let our children grow up and have those moments. Instead, try looking into current streetwear fashion trends for girls or even posh toddler clothes can be very cute and add character to your photoshoot.

Here are our Top 5 Toddler Photoshoot Ideas with Outfits to Match:

  • Include others in the photo.

Mom, dad, a sibling, friends, pets or other relations, invite them into the photos (well dressed, too)! When we look back at photographs, we can't help but compare ourselves or our loved ones to how we look now, compared to the time of the photoshoot. The more we grow, the more distant relationship formations become, so photos can offer insight into the moments that created the bonds we have that stretch far beyond blood. If mom and dad both want to be part of the shoot, take a few separate turns in the frame. Your toddler will interact differently with each of you, and you'll appreciate those candid moments captured. For an added flair, use minimal guidance as you encourage your kiddo to choose their own outfit so the moment can be completely comfortable and genuine.

  • Incorporate favorite activities.

toddlers posing for a shoot with their brothers.

Each of your children has a different set of preferences and ways they like to spend their time. However it is that your child is growing, using their imagination, or developing an outlook on life, use these activities to capture that on camera. If your child loves to paint, set up a well-lit art space in the kitchen and focus the camera on their facial reaction as he/she gets immersed in creativity. At activity-based shoots, we recommend our stripe joggers and a plain white tee.

  • Vacations.

Vacation photos are a must have and must take, but do you know who loves them even more than your children? Their children and grandchildren. Capture the transformation of spirit within your child while they see the world through new eyes, and keep the frame as a documented moment that someone farther down your family tree can stumble upon and relish. The beautiful backdrop of a vacation makes any outfit an easy fit. We suggest dressing in plaid for a pop of color to your photos and creating a timeless aura within the frame.
  • Keep it candid.

Instead of executing the photo shoot yourself, hire a photographer to come in as you facilitate a playdate with your toddler. Another option is to hire a babysitter to help with your toddler's photo shoot activities while you capture the exact candid expressions you're looking for on camera. For candids, opt for summer rompers to keep the vibe sunny and light.

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