The Perfect Outfits for Your Little Trendsetter

The Perfect Outfits for Your Little Trendsetter - Posh Kiddos

Fall is upon us, school is back in session, and now is the time to establish your kiddos’ prominence as trendsetters.

That’s a big role to take on at a young age - at any age, really - but it’s one we’re passionate about, and that’s why we are here to help to make sure your toddlers’ closets are stacked with only the best kids streetwear outfit possibilities. 

The secret lies in pairing and styling and also in letting your child adopt his or her own style. If your kids are too young to make their own decisions, experiment with which styles fit their personality. Eventually, garments will pair naturally together, and their versatility will be a godsend.

Here at Posh Kiddos, we have a fantastic range of urban baby clothes for boys and girls. Our clothing sets will help your kids to unlock their design preferences and street style aesthetics. We have several outfits ideas that you can try for pairing potential.

Perfect Outfits for your Little Trendsetter:

    Distressed sets are a sure way to lead the pack while looking effortlessly cool (not to mention super comfortable, too!). Our distressed sets come in an assortment of colors, but the unanimous favorite at Posh Kiddos is charcoal. Charcoal pairs seamlessly with any colored cap and shoes and conveys a subtle ease in your kiddo’s presence. Besides looking chic in an instant and wearing fabrics that are breathable, easy to move in and soft as clouds, sets are the simplest way to snap an outfit together. No thought necessary, toss the matching set into your vacation duffel or fly it out of the drawer on a whim for a last minute outfit for school.  

    Use plaid to compliment an outfit or the main piece of a set. Layer plain shorts and tees with a plaid scarf or dress your baby in plaid zipper joggers, with simple shoes, and a top.

      You know what's cooler than your son being center stage of the fashion fest at school? Rocking fashion that supports your child with comfort, allows him to play with friends and practice his favorite sports. We're not suggesting that you dress your athlete in zipper joggers for soccer practice, but dressing in joggers gives your kiddo the option to be free, to play around with friends if he's in the mood. There's nothing worse than being confined in clothes mom or dad forced him into and consequently barred from fun. Our kiddos say freedom is calling, and freedom is cool. Pair zipper joggers with high top kicks, a plain tee and one of our adorable slouch beanies.

      The first time your child wears zipper shorts, he might feel funky if nobody else has been wearing this fashion-forward item. Start with a subtle sage hue and pair with a soft, simple tee, letting the outfit feel as casual as possible. The graphic tee can help relieve some of the attention from the shorts if your kid isn’t ready for the slew of compliments.

      Remember, streetwear styling is all about personal flair. Have fun dressing your little ones and be supportive as your toddlers strive to make their own outfit decisions. As they explore their creativity, be encouraging and explore their tastes with them. You can work with their developing preferences by offering accessories or pairing options to tie their idea of an outfit all together.

      For fresh styling and the newest urban clothing, shop with us at Posh Kiddos.


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