Trendy Outfits That Are Great for Active Toddlers

Trendy Outfits That Are Great for Active Toddlers - Posh Kiddos

Dreams about kids urban streetwear fly high until you actually have children and attempt to keep any of their articles of clothing clean for more than an hour.

Toddlers are curious, active and into absolutely everything that can make a mess. Trying to keep them dressed to impress en route to their maturation is a second job in itself.

At Posh Kiddos, we’ve dedicated our creativity to designing outfits that your little ones can wear throughout the day, play, be active, spill and still come out looking like the coolest kid on the block.

Here are a few ideas for trendy toddler outfits for kiddos on the move:

  • Have you tried joggers for your children? They’re just as great for boys and girls as they are for us adults. Joggers are comfortable, non-constricting and make a sweet, fashion-forward outfit bottom.

  • Throw on a hoodie or crew neck. A sweatshirt swiftly delivers a bit of casual prep to your toddler's look, and in the case of playing outside, it's easy to stay warm and toasty. A hoodie makes an excellent bib-like barrier to any messy activities your little one is getting into.

  • Embrace hip-hop wear, for sure. Kids hip hop wear is quickly gaining so much popularity that it is becoming mainstream - this is good news for us all. Hip hop looks have a natural air of sophistication and style, but the emerging commonness keeps the look fresh and casual. Hip hop apparel consists of items that are easy to crawl or run around in and made of materials that are easy to clean.

Some of our favorite trendy toddler clothes are on sale now - shop with us before we’re out of stock!


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